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Newborn Care

First-time parents should schedule a prenatal visit at our office to discuss any questions or concerns they may have prior to the baby's birth. These visits should be scheduled within one to two months of the baby's birth.

Before scheduling your appointment please check to see if we participate with your insurance.

The prenatal visit is also an excellent opportunity to meet with our staff, view our facility, and submit a Patient registration form if you haven't already done so.

Expectant adoptive parents, including those adopting children from out-of-country, are welcome to schedule a prenatal visit as well. Parents will receive a folder full of useful parenting tips and information.

Do not hesitate to give our office a call with any medical questions. With so much conflicting information available online, we want parents and patients to come to us for unbiased, well informed answers. We have an active and devoted staff that is committed to being your number one source of reliable, trustworthy medical information.